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Nombre:Camila Gómez
Sobrenombre:Haruna, Haru(por KrystalSamus y por Nme-chan07) , Diamond
Edad:18 (fecha de nacimiento:16/Enero/1995)
Color favorito:Violeta, Azul y Negro
Amigos de mas confianza en DA:
Gustos: Anime, Cultura Otaku, Yaoi, Lucha libre, Videojuegos, Futbol, etc...
Disgustos: Moda, "Shoppning", el color rosado waj!, Cantantes de Pop (Jonas brothers, Justin Gayber, etc..), novelas, etc....

En resumen de todo eso soy una joven Otaku xD mi serie favorita hasta ahora es Transformers, soy muy brusca y amachada con mis cosas, odio las cosas muy femeninas.

Ojala seamos buenos amigos..los que quieran serlo ¬¬

Name: Camila Gomez
Nickname: Haruna, Haru (for KrystalSamus and for Nme-chan07), Diamond
Age: 18 (born 16/January/1995)
Favorite color: Purple, Blue and Black
Friends more confidence in DA:
Country: Chile
Likes: Anime, Otaku Culture, Yaoi, Wrestling, Video Games, Football, etc ...
Dislikes: Fashion, "Shoppning", the pink waj!, Pop Singers (Jonas Brothers, Justin Gayber, etc. ..), novels, etc. ....

To summarize all that I am a young otaku xD my favorite series so far is Transformers, I am very rough and tomboy with my stuff, I hate things feminine.

Hopefully we are good friends .. who wants to be ¬ ¬

Parejas Yaoi de Transformers que mas me gustan:

Optimus Prime (seme) x BumbleBee (uke)
Prowl (suke) x Jazz (suke)
Blurr (seme) x BumbleBee (uke)
Prowl (seme) x BumbleBee (uke)
Optimus Prime (seme) x Prowl (uke)
Megatron (seme) x Starscream (uke)
Starscream (seme) x BumbleBee (uke)
Blitzwingx3 (Icy (suke) x Hothead (seme) x Random (suke))
Longarm (seme) x Blurr (uke)
Jazz (seme) x Blurr (uke)
Jetfire (uke) x Jetstorm (seme)
Jetfire (uke) x Jazz (seme)
Jetstorm (uke) x Jazz (seme)
Jazz (seme) x Jetstorm (suke) x Jetfire (uke)
Sentinel Prime (seme) x Jazz (uke)
Lockdown (seme) x Prowl (uke)
Ratchet (seme) x Wreck-gar (uke)
Wasp (seme) x BumbleBee (uke)
Ironhide (seme) x Wasp (uke)
Lockdown (seme) x Swindle (uke)
Rodimus Prime (uke) x Kup (seme)
Lugnut (seme) x Blitzwing(uke)
Optimus Prime (uke) x Megatron (seme)
Starscream (uke) x Thundercracker (seme)
Starscream (seme) x Skywarp (uke)
Starscream (suke) x Ramjet (suke)
Starscream (seme) x Sunstorm (uke)
Blurr (uke) x Skywarp (seme)
Swindle (uke) x Starscream (seme)
Rodimus Prime (seme) x Hotshot (uke)
Yoketron (seme) x Prowl (uke)
Blitzwing (seme) x Swindle (uke)
Jazz (seme) x Bumblebee (uke)
Lockdown (seme) x Yoketron (uke)
Jazz (uke) x Optimus Prime (seme)
Lockdown (seme) x Jazz (uke)
Starscream (seme) x Knock Out (uke)
Ratchet (uke) x Ironhide (seme)
Breakdown (seme) x Knock Out (uke)
Rodimus Prime (uke) x Optimus Prime (seme)
Starscream (uke) x Optimus Prime (seme)
Knock Out (uke) x Megatron (seme)
Optimus Prime (seme) x Knock Out (uke)
Sentinel Prime (uke) x Megatron (seme)
Cyclonus (seme) x Rodimus Prime (uke)
Swindle (seme) x Blurr (uke)
Ratchet (seme) x KnockOut (uke)
Lockdown (uke) x Megatron (seme)
Longarm Prime (seme) x Cliffjumper (uke)
Perceptor (uke) x Drift(seme)
Drift (seme) x Blurr (uke)
Sentinel Prime(uke) x Ultra Magnus (seme)
Optimus Prime (uke) x Ultra Magnus (seme)
Optimus Prime (suke) x Sentinel Prime (seme) x Rodimus Prime (uke)
Longarm Prime (seme) x Blurr (uke) x Cliffjumper (suke)
Blurr (seme) x Wheelie (uke)
Drift (uke) x Lockdown (seme)
Smokescreen (uke) x Optimus Prime (seme)
Knock Out (uke) x Dreadwing (seme)
Dreadwing (uke) x Skyquake (seme)
Dreadwing (suke) x Breakdown (suke)
Megatron (seme) x Starscream (suke) x Knock Out (uke)
Ultra Magnus (seme) x Wheeljack (uke)
Smokescreen (suke) x Knock Out (suke)

Ask to Diamond (Tumblr)=

Favourite genre of music: Metal, J-Pop, Rock
Favourite cartoon character: Blurr, Jazz, Blitzwing (Icy), Swindle, Optimus Prime, Bumblebee, Jettwins, Wasp, etc..(TFA XD XD)

my OC Fanarts:
For Friend by LyAutobot TFA ocs girls by KrystalSamus Happy Birthday Haru-Chan! by KrystalSamus feliz cumple by thedeaddarkstar AT - Diamond by Bixo-Dcepticon :thumb284582959: Haruna133 stamp? xD by TheDarkstarlduxd A-T: dimond by Annpar2009 a moment of rest _Diamond_ DArkstar _cliffjumper by TheDarkstarlduxd idiot xD by bn44 AT - Miradas by SweetCrow AT - Juego by SweetCrow AT-Diamond by DJ-Soundwave16899 hey look! _ diamond and darkstar (tfaoc) by TheDarkstarlduxd… tfa original characters by Nme-Chan07 AT: Diamond by Annpar2009 Happy birthday Haru-Chan by Nme-Chan07 Gift for Haruna133 by SweetCrow ID - Pio by SweetCrow TFPrime OC Diamond by Itzamara-kun TransFormers Prime Diamond by marthamarri OC by HARUNA by Rot-Lunatik HAPPY B-DAY HARUNA AND ROT by Rot-Lunatik


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los que no aprovecharon...bueno esperen a la proxima vez : D
  • Mood: Joy
  • Listening to: In Tokyo-Studio Killers
  • Watching: Fusion Humor
  • Eating: Arrosito :D
  • Drinking: Agua -3-

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